BT-ODV(U), BT and BT-VSI Triple-Section Bursting Discs

BT-ODV(U), BT and BT-VSI Triple-Section Bursting Discs


  • protection against excessive pressure and vacuum increase through explosion relief



  • resistant to working pressure fluctuations,
  • does not require maintenance,
  • robust design, which makes it easy to assemble (does not sustain damage during assembly),
  • DN: 20-1400, NPS: ¼” – 56”,
  • BT-ODV, BT-ODV-F and BT-ODV-FL versions:
    • designed for low burst pressures (up to 1 bar),
    • resistant to pre-set working vacuum levels,
    • BT-ODV-F type is installed in a holder,
    • BT-ODV-F type is installed directly between regular flanges,
    • BT-ODV-FL type is mounted between angular frames and rings,
  • BT and BT-VSI version:
    • designed for medium to high burst pressures,
    • working pressures can go up to 70 % of burst pressure,
    • BT-ODU versions: not resistant to vacuum,
  • ATEX compliant design.