ELEVENT Pressure / Vacuum Breather Valve

ELEVENT Pressure / Vacuum Breather Valve


  • protection against overpressure and/or excessive vacuum in vessels.



  • modular design, response accuracy +/- 3%,
  • sizes DN 25 to DN 250, free discharge to atmosphere or to a collector,
  • relieving pressures: from 2 to 100 mbar (special constructions up to 200 mbar),
  • the seat, head and mandrel of the valve are made of materials resistant to corrosion, chemicals, adhesion of fluids and vapours, freezing, and changes of temperature from -10 to +240°C,
  • the possibility of plate jamming is reduced to a minimum,
  • simple inexpensive installation and maintenance,
  • when the valve activates, a movable head with a weight corresponding to the pressure or vacuum setting changes its position and opens the valve; after actuation the head returns to its original position and the valve achieves its full functionality again,
  • the following designs provide protection against: excessive pressure or vacuum (ELV-KL model), overpressure (ELV-E models) and vacuum (ELV-U models),
  • valve heating available as an option; suitable for inerting purposes.