EX 100.1 Single-Zone Control Unit

EX 100.1 Single-Zone Control Unit


  • control unit for an explosion protection system (HRD containers, pressure and infra-red detectors),
  • this single-zone control unit performs the following control and diagnostic functions: system monitoring, distribution of stored energy for actuation of explosion-protection equipment and on-line verification of the status of an explosion suppression system.



  • signals sent by pressure, spark, flame and temperature sensors are recorded, monitored and examined by the unit,
  • monitoring and actuating lines are continuously monitored for short-circuits and earthing integrity,
  • an emergency power supply system (battery) is included in case of power failure,
  • remote arm/disarm/reset capability,
  • type of protection: IP 66,
  • application area: zone 22,
  • operating temperature: +5 to +50°C,
  • ATEX compliant design.