ExKop Explosion Isolation and Venting System

ExKop Explosion Isolation and Venting System


  • protection of filters, mixers, cyclones, mills, dryers and other process equipment as well as preventing the transfer of explosion effects to the rest of the plant area or equipment.



  • an ExKop system consists of a QV quench valve and a control unit,
  • the QV quench valve (membrane made of rubber or EPDM, bi-directional operation) is activated by 6 bar compressed air from the plant’s compressed air system,
  • if an explosion occurs in the processing equipment, it is vented via a membrane or an Eco-Q-Rohr system,
  • when an explosion occurs the control unit receives a signal from the membrane’s burst sensor (including Eco-Q-Rohr), a pressure sensor, or a spark sensor (installed in the duct),
  • suitable for dusts with a Kst value of up to 200 bar m/s, max. explosion pressure – 10 bar,
  • the value of reduced explosion pressure of up to 1 bar g,
  • DN 80 to DN 500 design, mounting distance of QV valve from the protected equipment: 5-7 m (7-9m, DN 250 to DN 500),
  • available in a sterile design,
  • operating temperature up to 130°C.