IR-13 Infrared Detector

IR-13 Infrared Detector


  • a protection system element to be installed in ducts and pipelines connected to bucket conveyors, filters, tanks and other equipment for immediate detection of explosion events for explosion suppression systems,
  • identification of ignition sources such as flame, heat and sparks in order to activate the protection system on process lines and ducts connected to protected equipment,
  • quick detection of an explosion propagating through ducts and piping in order to activate the protection system,
  • to be used in enclosed areas without daylight access.



  • The IR-13 infrared detector is designed to detect sparks and flame in pipelines and ducts,
  • three optical fibers installed in the duct at an angle of 120 deg. allow the detector to monitor the entire cross section of the duct,
  • operating temperature inside the duct up to 250°C,
  • response time within milliseconds, detection of sparks from approx. 800°C,
  • Programmable for fire or spark detection (variable sensitivity),
  • fibre optics operating temperature range: -20 to +250°C,
  • type of protection: II ½ D T 80°C IP 65), II 1/3G Eex II T5,
  • ATEX compliant design.