Dissolver MasterMix

MasterMix Dissolver




  • wide range of speeds,
  • high efficiency (various easily exchangeable mixing and dispersing tools to increase efficiency),
  • clamps for holding the tank in place,
  • compact design,
  • optimal positioning of the mixing tool via hydraulic lifting/lowering device,
  • dissolver only starts at the lowest possible speed provided that the vessel is correctly positioned,
  • variants: vacuum design, laboratory dissolver,
  • suitable for operation in ATEX zones where explosive atmospheres may occur.


MasterMix dissolver is designed for processing batches up to 1.500 l (in exchangeable tanks). Units with stationary tanks can be used for larger batches up to about 10.000 l. While the the mixing tool speed is controlled by frequency converter, its working height inside the mixing tank can be adjusted by a hydraulically actuated lifting column. A vessel wall scraper is available as an option to improve the mixing and dispersing process with high viscosity products.