Q-Flap Non-Return Explosion Valve (self-monitoring capability available as an option)

Q-Flap Non-Return Explosion Valve (self-monitoring capability available as an option)


  • grinding plants, wood processing, paint manufacturers,
  • chemical and pharmaceutical,
  • processes: drying, granulation, grinding, dust extraction.



A: operating principle:

    • during normal operation the flap is maintained in an open position by the flow of air,
    • when idle, the flap closes under its own weight,
    • at the moment of activation, until the required speed of gas flow is reached, the flap is protected by a special dampening element,
    • in the event of an explosion the flap is spontaneously closed by the face of the pressure wave (stoppage of pressure and flame),
    • the vibration dampener protects the flap against undesirable opening caused by the vacuum created in the system after an explosion.

B: self-monitoring function:

      • wear and tear sensor can be fitted as an option to monitor the abrasion that develops on the flap itself. This sensor will prolong the flap’s operating life. As standard Q-Flap is equipped with an integrated clogging sensor that indicates any kind of product accumulation underneath the seats and ensures safe closing of the flap.

C: benefits:

      • Q-Flap is certified to meet EN 15089 (from 04.2007),
      • sutable for organic and inorganic dusts,
      • two sensors monitoring flap operation (option, can be added at a later time),
      • easy opening of the flap’s housing using a clip-on cover (for inspections or maintenance).

D: application restrictions:

    • air flow velocity within 15-30 m/s,
    • dust Kstmax value up to 300 bar m/s (ST1 and ST2 class),
    • reduced Pred explosion pressure below 0.4 bar,
    • horizontal mounting, one-way operation.