Zaciski uziemiające specjalnego przeznaczenia

Special purpose grounding clamps


  • FIBC clamp
    Specially designed to provide a positive connection to type C big bags or static dissipative liners, without damaging their material.
  • C type clamps
    Three sizes of “C” clamps are available for semi-permanent bonding to drums on storage/filling racks or where a “screw-tight” connection is required.
  • Aircraft clamps
    The ALS-lOA Static bonding clamp has special plated steel jaws designed for attaching to aircraft grounding posts or landing gear, and is made to US military specifications: NSN#5999-00-134-5844 and MIL M83413/7-1.
  • Pipe clamps
    Available in a range of nominal sizes from DN 15 to DN 150 providing a semi-permanent ground connection for bonding items to earthed conductive pipes.
  • Screwdown clamp
    Heavy duty clamp for earthing barges, vessels or rail cars, or wherever a positive screw down clamping action is required.