Speed WEY HSI Slide Valve

Speed WEY HSI Slide Valve


  • protection of mills, silos, filters, separators, driers, mixers, etc.; suitable for process treatment of flammable and explosive dusts (ST1 and ST2 class) and hybrid mixtures,
  • suitable for installation on ducts connected to equipment whose construction ensures resistance to the pressure of explosion and places where reduced pressure of explosion may cause damage,
  • the slide valve can be used in systems in the permanent presence of dust.



  • design of the gate valve ensures that the cross-section area of the duct remains unchanged, which prevents material accumulation,
  • install at any angle; bi-directional shut-off,
  • 24 bar shut-off for DN 100 to DN 400 models,
  • the gate valve is equipped with a pneumatic actuator powered by the plant’s 6 bar compressed air system of,
  • manufactured from stainless steel or better materials, sterile designs available,
  • suitable for:
  • dusts with a Kst value of up to 300 bar m/s,
  • hybrid mixtures with a Kst value of up to 500 bar m/s,
  • II 1DG IIA 135 C / II 2D 3D IIB 135 C protection,
  • zones 20, 21 and 0/2.