VENTEX ESI-E /-D /-C Isolation Valves

VENTEX ESI-E /-D /-C Isolation Valves


  • protection of mills, filters, separators, driers, cyclic granulators, etc. Used in the process treatment of ST1 and ST2 class dusts, gases and hybrid mixtures,
  • for installation on ducts connected to equipment whose construction ensures resistance to the pressure of explosion and places where reduced pressure of explosion may cause damage to the enclosed parts of equipment,
  • suitable for installation in pipework carrying gases with low dust concentrations (e.g. after filters, before and after a batch drier).



  • ESI-E/-D/-C models (DN 100 to DN 600) are suitable for dusts with a Kst value of up to 400 bar m/s,
  • gases with Kg value of up to 100 bar m/s,
  • hybrid mixtures with a Kst value up to 300 (DN400 – DN600) or 400 (DN 100-DN 300) bar m/s,
  • minimum explosion pressure > 0.05 bar, max. explosion pressure – 14 bar abs,
  • zones 0, 1, 20, 21,
  • maximum gas flow velocity – 20 (25) m/sec,
  • type of protection: II 1 DG IIB / 2 DG,
  • gases flowing through the valve must be dry, dustiness of up to 20 g/m3,
  • carbon or stainless steel design, internal parts made of stainless steel, horizontal and vertical installation,
  • operation: the valve popet is maintained in the central position by an axial spring, ESI-E/-D models,
  • in the ESI-C check valve the poppet is normally held in a closed position by a spring. Normal process air flow opens the valve. When process flow stops or an explosion develops in the opposite direction to process flow, the valve poppet closes  automatically against a rubberised seat.