W-DS Pressure Sluices

W-DS Pressure Sluices


  • A double butterfly valve and a chamber system for difference-free feeding or exhaust of bulk materials to or from high or low pressure areas. Also suitable for abrasive materials. Maximum differential pressure up to 10 bar.



  • A complete unit ready for mounting, with optional automatic pressurising and depressurising of the pressure chamber,
  • ATEX certified inlet/outlet available as an option; resistant to pressure surges, flame arresting (stops flames) butterfly valve certified by the DMT Institute,
  • Available as a complete unit ready for installation, with optional heating (double skin design), an intelligent sequential control system for gas cut-off, assembly. Typical installations: extraction of products at outlets of cyclones, vacuum dryers or dust filters, in dust hazardous areas, etc.,
  • Nominal diameters: DN 50 to DN 1200, PN6 – PN 16,
  • Differential pressure of up to a maximum of 10 bar (depending on DN),
  • Closure time: 3 min. maximum.