Ψ-Mix® Inline-Disperser

Ψ-Mix® Inline-Disperser


  • perfect for products with high solid content, low solid content in large volumes of liquid and those with extremely fine or poorly wettable particles,
  • inks, printing inks, filler pastes and pigments,
  • pastes of fumed silica, aluminum oxide pastes,
  • chemical and food industries.



  • fast and effective wetting of powders in liquids,
  • high quality and homogeneous pre-dispersion,
  • powder can be dosed from big-bags/bags, containers or tanks using a rotary feeder,
  • product deaeration function,
  • energy savings (up to 30% compared with conventional mixers),
  • suitable for use in explosion hazard areas.


The Ψ-Mix Inline Disperser ensures optimal wetting of dusty solids. It is suitable for both low and high viscosity suspensions, including temperature sensitive products or products with shear thickening properties. Principle of operation: after starting the pump and the rotor the liquid is fed into the Ψ-mix and starts travelling in a closed circuit. A negative pressure is then formed above the rotor and solid feeding starts. The dosing rate is controlled by the viscosity rise. The product reaches its desired quality specifications under micro-cavitation and deaerated conditions and is pumped into the storage tank.