CHOCOEASY Chocolate Plant

CHOCOEASY Chocolate Plant


  • manufacture of chocolate.



  • suitable for the production of dark, milk or white chocolate to your own recipes,
  • all individual process steps are combined in one module,
  • completely enclosed system,
  • easy cleaning,
  • low consumption of energy and cooling water (up to 40% lower compared to traditional systems),
  • shorter process times compared to traditional systems,
  • savings in the use of cocoa butter or lecithin due to simultaneous grinding and liquid conching.


The ChocoEasy process involves the following stages:

  • Pre-grinding of crystal sugar to a particle size of < 300 μm,
  • Melting of cocoa butter / cocoa mass,
  • Dry and liquid conching:
    It is the core process in chocolate production – critical to its future quality and taste. ChocoEasy allows the use of smaller amounts of cocoa butter (15-18% instead of 23-26%). As a result conching goes faster. The remaining components (e.g. lecithin) are added during the liquid conching phase, as required by your recipe.
  • Fine grinding.