CONDUX ConJet® High-Density Bed Jet Mill

CONDUX ConJet® High-Density Bed Jet Mill


  • this spiral jet mill with an integrated classifier wheel is perfect for grinding dry materials within the range of d97 = 2.5 µm to d97 = 40,
  • suitable with very hard materials,
  • possible applications: pigments, pharmaceuticals, toner, talc, silica, aluminum oxide, barium titanate, chromium carbide, tungsten carbide, limestone, graphite, cosmetic powder, metal powders, plant protection products.



  • milling occurs by particle to particle impact in strems of gas flowing from the nozzles,
  • exactly defined maximum particle size through integrated dynamic air classifier,
  • variable setting of fineness independent of product load,
  • easy cleaning and simple operation,
  • ideal for pharmaceutical applications,
  • also available in laboratory design dostępny również w wersji laboratoryjnej.