CONDUX CSM Classifier Mill

CONDUX CSM Classifier Mill


  • grinding and classification from d97 10 µm to d97 150 µm,
  • possible applications: sugar, pigments, gelatine, cereals, cocoa press cake, limestone, potato starch, silica, sodium bicarbonate, polyacrylamide, coating powder, silica gel, soy protein, tobacco, talc, toner, wheat gluten.



  • separate drives for grinding disc and classifier wheel,
  • milling occurs between the grinding disc and the peripheral milling track,
  • exactly defined maximum particle size through integrated air classifier,
  • High throughput capacities and easy setting of required fineness,
  • end product fineness can be set by adjusting the classifier wheel speed and air/gas supply,
  • Additional suction system for drawing off of difficult-to-mill particles.