CONDUX CUM Universal Mill

CONDUX CUM Universal Mill


  • suitable for materials with Mohs hardness 3-3.5 in a range of 30-1500 μm,
  • possible applications: sugar, spices, soot, cork, corn starch, grain, gluten, graphite, plastic, cosmetic products, sodium carbonate, ammonium chloride, calcium carbonate, sodium nitrate, talc, urea.



  • grinding takes place between rotors and stators of different designs,
  • the milling tools can be combined in different ways to adapt the mill to vatious products and required finenesses,
  • periferal disc speeds range between 50 – 250 m/s,
  • designs for inert milling are available,
  • pressure shock resistant design available up to 3 or 10 bar(g),
  • laboratory version available.