IG-KUB Safety Head (bursting disc with a holder unit)

IG-KUB Safety Head (bursting disc with a holder unit)


  • high bursting pressure applications or if absolute system tightness is required,
  • protection of safety valves,
  • working pressure up to 95 (98) % of the disc’s bursting pressure.



  • the assembly consists of a holder unit and a bursting disc,
  • sample combination: IG type housing – KUB type bursting disc, this system is particularly resistant to pressure fluctuations and aggressive environments,
  • the IG disc holder is used for KUB reverse buckling-pin bursting discs and consists of inlet and outlet parts plus screws,
  • the holder is mounted between flanges (DIN, ANSI) and can be used again after replacing a ruptured disk; seal faces and dimensions of the holder units can be suited to all current standards,
  • the KUB disc is housed and sealed within the special seat of the holder featuring an alignment pin which mates with a locating hole in the bursting disc for proper alignment and installation – it is impossible to fit the disk bottoms up,
  • arrows on the housing indicate the direction of flow (processing side),
  • IG-KUB  are available in the following materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel, Hastelloy (acid-proof alloy), Inconel (heat-proof alloy) or other special materials,
  • if a disc is installed upstream of another protective device (safety valve), the space between these two devices must be monitored (manometer).