KUB Reverse Buckling-Pin Bursting Disc

KUB Reverse Buckling-Pin Bursting Disc


  • protection against overpressure in sterile and aseptic applications – pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries, etc.



  • the sealing membrane protects the buckling pin element from corrosion,
  • operation based on Euler’s law of Compressed Columns which determines the buckling point of the pin,
  • high durability (operating life), operates up to 95% of the burst pressure,
  • no fragmentation occurs during explosion,
  • KUB-V version is designed for mounting upstream of the safety valve for its protection, available with leakage monitoring (pressure manometer),
  • smooth on process side, CIP cleaning capability,
  • DN: 25-800, NPS: 1”-32”,
  • minimum bursting pressures from 0.01 to 1.5 bar g,
  • effective venting area from 4.5 to 4470 cm2,
  • installation in a holder unit or between flanges.