Q-BOX Flame-reduced Venting System

Q-BOX Flame-reduced Venting System


  • flameless explosion venting (safe for nearby equipment and personnel),
  • protection of indoor/outdoor process equipment in areas where personnel may be present,
  • silos, filters, etc.



  • explosion venting without flame, temperature or dust propagation,
  • low cost compared to the alternatives,
  • cools explosion gases from 1500° C to 90°C,
  • pressure and noise are reduced to safe levels,
  • the burst pressure is 0.1 bar g, at the temperature of 22°C,
  • the working pressure should not exceed 75% of the disc’s burst pressure,
  • robust and stable design in stainless steel,
  • gasket types can be adapted to different operating conditions,
  • application restrictions – suitable for Kst values up to 200 bar*m/s and Pred up to 1.3 bar g,
  • safe distance for personnel – 5 m,
  • ATEX compliant design.