RLE-S Rectangular Air Cushion Explosion Door

RLE-S Rectangular Air Cushion Explosion Door


  • protection of filters, electrostatic precipitators and dryers from explosion damage through the controlled venting of explosion effects to the atmosphere,
  • automatic closing of the door once the explosion pressure has been relieved (air shut off).


Specifications / Operation:

  • at the moment of an explosion the door is released from its snap fasteners and the lid of the explosion door opens,
  • the door’s recoil force is absorbed in over 80% by an air cushion created between the safety door and steel baffle plates,
  • the door’s residual kinetic energy is used for bouncing the plate back to position, which ensures its automatic re-closing after the explosion is vented and prevents air intake,
  • light construction (aluminium) which ensures that the load is not transmitted to the equipment body,
  • the door’s spring snap fastener allows adjustment of release pressure (0.1 bar g by default),
  • every instance of door opening can be signalled by a limit sensor,
  • the door may be equipped with an electrical heating system,
  • horizontal and vertical mounting.