TT-Uni-K Circular Air Cushion Explosion Door

TT-Uni-K Circular Air Cushion Explosion Door


  • protection of containers and silos from damage due to explosion through controlled venting of explosions to the atmosphere,
  • automatic closing of the door once the explosion pressure has been relieved (air shut off).


Specifications / Operation:

  • at the moment of an explosion the door is released from its snap fasteners and the lid of the explosion door is opened,
  • the door’s recoil force is absorbed in over 80% by an air cushion created between the safety door and steel baffle plates,
  • the door’s residual kinetic energy is used for bouncing the plate back to position, which ensures its automatic re-closing after the explosion is vented and prevents air intake,
  • the design ensures that the load is not transmitted to the supporting structure, which allows for direct on-roof installation without the need for additional reinforcements,
  • the door’s spring snap fastener allows the initial door opening pressure to be adjusted (0.1 bar g by default),
  • every instance of door opening can be signalled by a limit sensor,
  • the vacuum that is created in the protected vessel after an explosion (quick cooling of gas after an explosion), which may cause the vessel’s collapse due to implosion, is eliminated by vacuum breakers mounted on the flange body, which allow the air to be sucked in when vacuum is created,
  • TT-Uni-K door and vacuum breakers can be equipped with an electric heating system.