Cylindrical compactors

Cylindrical compactors


  • conversion of powder form into granulate with controlled particle size, e.g. to limit segregation of mixtures with various densities during transport,
  • improvement of flowing capabilities and dosage of loose materials,
  • limiting abrasion during transport of materials with abrasive properties,
  • elimination of dusting during operations of mixing, dispergation, etc.,
  • form of loose materials accepted by the market (no dusting).



  • compacting (cylindrical compactors) into sheets,
  • granulation of material after compacting (controlled grinding of a sheet) into a homogeneous and repeatable product,
  • briquetting (cylindrical compactors) to a given shape,
  • industrial compactors for chemical and mineral industry,
  • depending on the width of compacting rolls single or multiple dosage screws are used in order to ensure dosage of raw material over whole width of rolls and preliminary deaeration of raw material (in case of low bulk density),
  • measurement and control of compactor’s compressing forces, cooling of rolls (option), setting width of rolls’ slit,
  • high efficiencies,
  • gas-tight construction (option): tight housing for inertization purposes in case of products that cannot be in contact with oxygen,
  • corrosion resistant (corrosive materials or elimination of contamination),
  • possibility of compacting polymers,
  • briquetting of abrasives.