Evaporation & Crystallization

Evaporation & Crystallization

Scope of supply:

  • evaporators, concentration systems and crystallizers (water vapor, operation under vacuum),
  • heat exchangers, condensers, distillation columns, degassers,
  • auxiliary equipment (filters, centrifuge, driers),
  • stripping columns (control and elimination of odors),
  • non-waste installations for treatment of liquid sewage in power industry, refineries.



  • recovery of substances contained in circulating waste streams (profitability improvement, limiting negative influence on environment),
  • recovery of salt contained in chemical wastes (also organic),
  • systems for volume reduction of poisonous and radioactive liquid wastes,
  • neutralization of saline liquid wastes for salt recovery,
  • concentration systems for spent beer, whey (in ethanol, biofuel production),
  • crystallization of ammonium sulfate, potassium and sodium nitrate, phosphoric acid (fertilizers),
  • crystallization of lithium salt, titanium, magnesium and zinc; vanadium, molybdenum, tungsten  crystallization products, concentration of cleared aluminum oxide liquid, recovery of oxalates,
  • preliminary processing of solutions from extracted natural ores,
  • crystallization of sodium carbonate and bicarbonate, minimizing wastes and lye recovery,
  • herbicides, aminoacetic acid, synthetic sweeteners, bisphenol-A, thiocyanate,
  • industry for processing chlorides, lye and carbonates: purification of NaCl solution (periodical, constant), vaporization of NaCl solution, crystallization of NaCl, concentration of NaOH solution to 50% concentration,
  • purification of sulfates through crystallization (Glauber’s salt Na2SO4 x10H2O, anhydrous Na2SO4), sodium chlorate NaClO3.