Thermal treatment of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes


  • treatment of wastes containing dangerous substances: chlorine, bromine, sulfur, nitrogen, phosphates, nitric oxides and dioxins,
  • treatment of dangerous solid, liquid and gaseous wastes.



  • solutions offered are based on rotary furnaces, combustion chambers and special constructions,
  • experience in an area of multistage scrubber systems for elimination of dusts and acid components (Sox, HCl, HBr) from waste gases; possibility of HCl recovery and its concentration,
  • cleaning of waste gases from refinery or herbicide production installations, combustion of liquid and gaseous streams containing HCl,
  • analysis of available energy sources as well as utilization of generated heat (boiler),
  • technologies offered ensure fulfillment of legal requirements concerning emission,
  • for treatment of NOx SCR and SNCR processes are used, in case of dioxins SCR process and absorption technologies,
  • efficiency of process installations typically in the range from 5,000 to 200,000 Nm3/h (cleaning of waste gases).