Vibratory fluid bed
Wibracyjne złoże fluidalne
Vibratory fluid bed
Wibracyjne złoże fluidalne

Vibratory fluid bed


  • processes: drying, cooling,
  • drying products with high moisture content at inlet or with variable humidity,
  • drying and cooling in 1 apparatus (2 sections),
  • chemical industry: fertilizers, PVC, PP, PE, nylon, urea,
  • food industry: salt, sugar, soya-bean and sunflower proteins, lactose, yeast,
  • mineral industry: sand, lime, aluminum oxide.



  • mechanical creation of fluid bed (vibrations) and flow of hot air/gases through the bed,
  • drying temperatures up to 400oC,
  • types offered: D – small and medium-sized apparatus (surface of vibrating distributive plate up to 12 m2, vibration from drives), DL – heavy-duty operation (surface up to 32 m2, vibration from springs),
  • defined time of stay and mixing conditions,
  • uniform drying temperature,
  • possibility of recirculation of drying gas,
  • preservation of material’s physical and biological properties,
  • crushing of formed chunks,
  • low maintenance costs, easy cleaning,
  • High-temperature static fluid bed,
  • temperatures up to 1000oC with the help of radiation pipes (burners, up to 1300oC) mounted in the bed,
  • heat exchange through radiation, possibility of heat recovery from gases and product (high energy saving).